Serving your customers safely in COVID19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a fundamental shift in the way the restaurant/retail sectors manage health and safety. As we return to a new normal and re-open to the public, WorksafeBC requires new Return to Operation Protocols for both restuarants and retailers.

Safety Admin Empowers

With Safety Admin you can manage COVID-19 safety protocols for all locations and head offices.

One Place. Everything You Need.

SafetyAdmin a web and smartphone app for Health and Safety professionals responsible for the COVID-19 protocols for returning to operation. SafetyAdmin is a solution that helps you manage your return to operational protocols.

Take advantage of the best practices established in health and safety compliance with SafetyAdmin. SafetyAdmin is currently used by high-risk sectors from the construction to the manufacturing industry in BC to help them stay compliant.

Customize Safety Admin for Your Business

The SafetyAdmin app for iPhone and Android gives your Location Managers and Front line staff the tools they need to stay compliant with COVID-1. It is easy to use and efficiently logs all COVID safety activities, such as:

  • COVID-19 inspection - use this inspection for daily or hourly checks of retail or restaurant locations
  • Customer Health Pre-screening Tool - preclearance before entry into the store/restaurant
  • Daily Staff Assessment - for Supervisors to monitor the daily

SafetyAdmin empowers business owners and directors of health and safety programs to manage your COVID-19 safety protocols for the worksite.

SafetyAdmin Benefits


All completed forms are automatically saved to Safety Admin.


Automatically assigned and emailed to appropriate staff.


Data is only as good as its presentation. The Safety Admin system organizes your data into intuitive reports, charts, and calculations based on your specialized needs and customization.


Safety Admin is compliant with privacy regulations PIPEDA/PIPA.


Conduct in-depth internal Investigations


Head Office dashboard for managing multiple retail site protocols.