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Safety Management System
Built to Meet COR Audit Standards
Mobile Offline Web Online Statistical Analysis Security Notifications
Document Management
Procedure and Practice Management
Safety Meetings
Toolbox Talks
Task Hazard Analysis
Committee Meeting
Equipment Inspections
Equipment Records
Employee Module
Orientation Records
Training Record Management
First Aid Analysis

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Safety Admin is Easy to Learn, and Includes Support

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Start today, and we will be there to help you get started on your Safety Management System and answer any questions you may have.

Easy to Use and Learn

Using our safety management system is incredibly easy to pick up. If you ever run into any issues you can give us a call and we will walk you through the module that you are having troubles with.

Customer Service

If you are lost, or confused we are here to answer your questions. Reaching us is as easy as a phone call or email. Getting back to you with an answer or solution will be our priority.

No Office Necessary

Stay up to date out of the office


No Internet Required

Our safety management system is mainly an easy to access web application. But it also includes an offline mobile application giving you an effective tool to use in the field without internet access.

Stay Updated from the Office

Visiting sites to check if they are keep up with requirements, and completing paperwork. With our safety management system, you can keep on top of things from the office.

Data Now

Being able to instantly retrieve your data is important

Make your Information More Accessible

Understand your Data

With a safety program you end up gathering so much information. With our safety management system, it will allow you to display your data in charts, and calculations with ease.

Accessible from Anywhere

Our application gives your company an easy way to distribute documents to the entire company, without having to print off manuals. Potentially saving your company thousands of dollars every year.